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Message: IMO, mineral presence is 99.9%

I assume Mr. Briscoe used much the same testing at Big Chunk, and one single drill core prompted NAK to take the claims and forgive some major debt. The SEC might require that LBSR  add this boilerplate reality check for every exploratory company but we have:

1) loads of veggie testing

2) "tons" of rock testing

3) the advanced ZTEM

4) evidence of copper at shallow depth--even on the surface

5) amazing history of the whole area being loaded with minerals. Under another name, I once posted that I talked to a miner at the nearby working mine and also a guy who worked for the local electic company and between them they pointed out  the truly world-class belt of minerals that extends all the way up Arizona and something like, "there's copper all over this area--even under the freeway (I-10) and the railroad tracks."   In my amateur opinion, it would be a huge freak of nature to have no or little mineral presence here. And while I am on a roll, I wil also add that I once got the opinion of a real geologist (not a fake one like other board) in the Tucson area about this and he said something like, 'It looks like Jim Briscoe has something here"

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