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Message: Timing?

What do we know?

1. The BOD of LBSR knows much more than we know about HM and other claims AND is personally involved $$$ in this thing. (THIS helps me hang in there!)

3. The mineral wealth of our claims has been proven as well as can be proven--short of drilling.

4. JB is a amazing geologist. He led LBSR to DRILL and FIND the GOODIES years ago on our Big Chunk claim in the middle of nowhere in Alaska, drumroll please, by drilling ONE HOLE! He nailed it! Never forget that. That one hole was worth millions! Never doubt the brilliance of JB in this field.

5. ALL we are waiting on is someone to step up with money and say: "Let's do it!"  That's all! We don't need to rent helicopters to build shacks in Alaska, more veggies samples, ZTEMs, top certified reports that our data is as sound as possible, permission to drill where Indians might have done something, or to jump through some other government hoop. We are good to go!

What we don't know.

1. When the BIG GUYS that have money and do this sort of thing all the time will step up. OF COURSE they know what LBSR has! Of course, they know the PERFECT TIMING to jump in!  Hay Mountain is in the middle of Arizona. So even if, maybe, they are like greedy vultures waiting on the side of the highway to pounce on a dead is still a deer with a lot of meat on it. (I'm sure the BOD is doing what it can to keep our deer alive! Amen! IMHO.) 

2. What the BOD knows.  (Yes. I know I am repeating what I already wrote).

For now, we must keep on waiting. Everybody chill. I have not sold one share. Am I WAY under water? Sure. Do I have my "sell" pps in mind? Of course. 

Note: if you are desperate because LBSR is your big retirement plan, I feel very sorry for you.  NEVER invest in a company like LBSR, if you can not afford to lose it all.

Just my humble opinion.  Having the TIME of my life and waiting for the best. Amen.

Blue Star 

P.S. When LBSR drills a hole, they will nail it! My opinion is based on JB's past performance.

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