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Message: Welcome to 2021 YEAR of GOLD !

Year of GOLD has arrived.  Annalists have predicted from 2300. per ounce to other levels much higher, some 5000. per ounce and even some as high as 10,000. per ounce by end of 2021.

The forecasters are amoungst very highly respected persons that are skilled and qualified as highly respected persons that have been in the GOLD SECTOR for many many years per person.  They are from Miners and Bankers and even the lowley Geologists!

What say you what say we.  2021 is here and with the "Masters" of the TRADE we should at the very least take "homage in their advices".

Not to worry Silver should and will follow, perhaps even lead in ground gained in PPO. 

Metals appear to be a bright vuture in 2021 as an whold cloth!  Game on!


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