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Thanks.  As we already know that there are iron and copper showings in the area, what does the "reduced fluorescence" of these mean, if anything?  Similarly, as we already know that there is a likelihood for rare earth elements at Hay Mountain - in commercial quantities - how would surficial further evidence from a UV survey help us without the drilling that we already know we need?

Again, and from what I understand, UV "sees" what is on the surface.  It can not measure the depth and breadth of what is below the surface.  Drilling does that. 

By the way, I do not believe that there is a single stand-along rare earths mine operating anywhere in the US today.  China dominates that market with subsidies for its own miners* to the disadvantage of all other countries.     


*  "China dominates that market with subsidies for its own miners" including those operating in Africa.


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