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Message: Intigold

The information is on Sedar, although I have not yet received a proxy in the mail. The name change has been voted on and approved for 2 years in a row now but doesn't appear to be utilized.

Haukedal is now approximately 25% shareholder and the company appears to want to do some what of a personal PP with him for 1,000,000 shares.

I wonder if the CEO is aware that on May 9, 2016 the rules for early warning reports were amended. Following the intial news release stating 10% ownership of company shares, each additional 2% acquisition requires a news release to be issued by opening of markets the following day.

Additional Required Disclosure of Decreases in Ownership – Shareholders who have met the 10% reporting threshold will now be required to report both increases and decreases of 2% or more in ownership.

· Press Releases – The EWR Amendments clarify that early warning news releases must be issued and filed no later than the opening of trading on the next business day.

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