Ceased Operations May15, 2009


BREAKING: Esports Entertainment Group Releases Upgraded VIE.GG Esports Gambling Platform

  • Announced the release of the latest version of VIE.gg (https://vie.gg)  the Company’s esports wagering platform
  • Latest upgrade delivers notable new features, including additional betting options such as Fixed Odds, Pari-mutuel, Fantasy and Pool Betting to complement main P2P option
  • Grant Johnson, CEO of Esports Entertainment Group, stated "This is another major milestone for our Company. This is our strongest release ever, with every new feature esports gambling enthusiasts could wish for in a platform..."
Message: Deer Antlers?

Any oldtimers here?

It's hard to believe how much money got p1ssed away in Intercell, Nanopierce.... and the companies that came after.

I still have trouble believing that most of pain wasn't caused by thoughtful, deliverate planning.

I hope the good guys survived, and the bad guys will have their feet held to the fire.


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