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Vertically Integrated Company Focused on Developing Science-Driven Cannabinoid Biopharmaceuticals

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  • Applied Biosciences is a diversified company focused on multiple areas of the medical, bioceutical and pet health industry
  • Acquired Majority ownership of Trace Analytics Q1/2019, a leading cannabis testing and analytics company
  • Hired former Chief Medical Officer and Senior Director of Oncology Research and Development with Pfizer Inc. as CEO
  • Record Revenue Increase of 560% from Q3 2018
  • Retained the Emmes Group to Partner on Therapeutic Development Initiatives
  • Line of products available on LeafLink's industry-leading B2B e-commerce platform
  • Launched CBD product line under the Remedi CBD brand (
  • Expanded and launched a hemp derived CBD pet line under the Herbal Pet brand (
  • Continues to be at the forefront of the cannabinoid market, using organically grown plants, without pesticides or herbicides
  • Several strategic partnerships and investments currently in place
  • Has been featured on Forbes, Hightimes, Billbboard, Fortune and The Guardian
  • Launched its Champ Organics product line with Shannon “the Cannon” Briggs, the former heavyweight boxing champion and world record-holder for the most first-round knockouts.

 Key Market Drivers

     Significant Industry Growth

  • According to AreView Market Research, by 2020, legal market sales are expected to grow to approximately $21.8 billion, of which estimated mediacl-use sales are expected to be approximately 10.2 billion

     Increasing Momentum Towards Legalization

  • Especially related to medical -use Cannabis
  • Cannabis is legal in 29 states and the District of Columbia in some form ( or decriminalized )
  • International Opportunities:        * Cannabis is now trading globally, with Canadian      grown Medical cannabis being exported to Germany, Croatia, New Zealand, Brazil and Chile. The Dutch are sending shipments of medical cannabis to Italy, Germany and Finland.   

     Shifting Public Opinion

  • We believe that the growth of the regulated cannabis industry has been fueled by changing public attitudes in the United States. A 2015 poll by Harris found 81% of Americans support the legalization of cannabis for medical use. Driven in part by this shift in public opinion. 

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remedi CBD:

About Remedi:

  • Collaboration project of hemp and CBD Industry professionals.
  • Advisory board of scientists, physicians, farmers and extraction specialists, Remedi CBD has launched an initial line of Hemp CBD Infused products focused on delivery methods with proven, noticeable effects.
  • State Approved Industrial Hemp farms in Colorado are required to grow their crops in a Pesticide-Free Environment.
  • On Certified Organic land, the Hemp used to create the extracts in products is certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture to be free of any residual chemicals

The Lab

  • Working closely with one of Colorado’s most advanced Hemp-CBD Extraction Facility, Refinery Lab and Product Manufacturer.
  • Full-Spectrum Oil and Isolate used in the creation of our products is lab-tested every batch for potency and cleanliness.
  • Lab is Approved for production by the Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment and with Denver Dept. of Health.
  • Each batch of finished product is supplied with a Certificate of Analysis guaranteeing potency and effectiveness.

The Vault

  • Partnered with one of the Nation’s-Only State Approved Storage and Fulfillment Centers
  • Remedi CBD product line is stored in a Colorado State Approved Storage Facility for Industrial Hemp Infused Edibles and other products.

The Kitchen

  • Remedi CBD Gummies made using 100% Organic Ingredients.
  • The Kitchen that manufactures Daytime and Nighttime Essential Gummies work very closely with our Team at Remedi CBD.
  • With plans to expand our edible offerings, Kitchen sources the CBD Isolate for these gummies through our folks in The Lab.

According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans spent an estimated $69.4 billion on their pets in 2017, which was up from $66.8 billion in 2016. Americans have steadily spent more on their pets since 1994, the year that the American Pet Products Association began tracking and publishing this data.

We believe that CBD for pets will become as vital to the animal health industry as it is to consumers today. We know those pet owners will spend whatever they have to improve the quality and longevity of their pets’ lives.

Herbal Pet will be synonymous with a new standard of care in pet health. Our product can provide safe, natural, veterinarian-recommended products directly to owners. By placing pets over profit margins, Herbal Pet delivers the highest quality cannabinoid-based nutraceuticals for cats and dogs. The longer we can enrich our furry friends’ lives, the longer they can enrich ours.


Champ Organics

Organic CBD Products for an Active Lifestyle



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