The World’s First Electronic Communication Network For Digital Currencies

Annual Gross Trades: $943 BILLION, Yearly Transactions Up 437%, Yearly volume Up 1485%

Blockstation Profile

Why Blockstation

You need a stock exchange to trade stocks, but how do you trade cryptocurrencies?

  • Meet the first MARKET DELIVERY SYSTEM For BlockChain Tokens
  • Annual Gross Trades: $943 BILLION
  • Yearly Transactions Up 437%
  • Yearly volume Up 1485%

World’s First Electronic Communication Network For Digital Currencies

  • At the forefront of research, development and commercialization of an enterprise grade, direct market access (DMA) platform for Blockchain Tokens like Bitcoin.
  • Technology facilitates on-line electronic trading and delivery of live streaming auditable reference quotes, allowing Blockchain Tokens to be accessed by traditional financial institutions and on-line retail trading platforms.
  • Electronic Communications Network (ECN) has been built using the methods and design principals of BATS, BRUT, Archipelago and Island, bridging the divide between legacy and distributed ledger technologies.

Creating a familiar gateway to the traditional financial industry we not only have enabled the inclusion of millions of participants who might not otherwise have had the ability to access modern Digital Currency markets, we have also provided incredibly new instruments and revenue streams for Clients.

Bitcoin will become a World Reserve Currency by 2030
  • A new asset class has been born and you want access to it
  • People want the risk of signing up to an opaque Digital Currency Exchange, they want access to these products inside their traditional brokerage accounts.
  • Blockstation© through its patent pending Blockchain Token Electronic Communications Network (ECN), can deliver live streamlining Level II audited pricing data with settlement capabilities, to any Direct Market Access (DMA) platform or Electronic Trading Desk.

Bitcoin has given rise to hundreds of new products in the Blockchain Token marketplace. The World Economic Forum WEF suggests that the underlying technology that defines these products could be responsible for underwriting a new financial system.

  • Blockstation recognized a unique opportunity in the marketplace to deliver Blockchain Token pricing data and settlement in a recognizable fashion to BankAs, Brokerages, Hedge Funds, Traditional Electronic Trading Desks and Platforms. Millions of dollars of investment and 3 years later company has built an Electronic Communications Network (ECN) for Blockchain Tokens, in the spirit of Archipelago, Island and BATS.
  • ECN's form the delivery infrastructure that provide the NASDAQ and the NYSE the bountiful liquidity we enjoy today, thereby becoming inextricable and priceless to the successful functioning of our financial markets.



  • Level I, Top of the Book and Level II, Market Depth reference quotes for Blockchain Tokens are supplied to financial institutions, brokers and electronic trading desks through audited data validation services.

  • Block Post™, our Direct Market Access (DMA) Gateway and Settlement for Blockchain Tokens
  • Blockstation will promote and advertise through its CUSIP identifier that not only can it push forth Level I and II reference quotes in the Blockchain Token ecosystem, it can also provide a recognizable FIX gateway for DMA settlement

  • Roundhouse™, Blockstation’s Electronic Communications Network (ECN) offers aggregation, counter-execution and routing for Digital Currencies
  • As Bitcoin soars 300% this past year, Ethereum soars 1200%, Steem climbs 500%, many private companies that provide financial services are trying to find ways to gain exposure to these markets

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