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Message: AM I DREAMING ?? Shows that Obama is NOT in control and the worst is yet to come

Re: AM I DREAMING ?? Shows that Obama is NOT in control and the worst is yet to come

posted on Mar 31, 2009 05:19PM


I took the last couple of hours answering u but this letter i believe should'nt be posted , i strayed too far away from our intended discussion and with too much anger. Basicaly i agree there is definitely at the highest level " malevolent " if not " fraudulent " actions being taken by private interests having vintage access to financial tools and organisations , with the knowledge or awareness of lawmakers and institutions that are suposed to oversee and regulate them .

I said thieves rise to the occasion , 'cause i referred more to your circumstancial evidence then to the organisation and structure of the organisation of the markets at work. Indeed i should have said one should'nt be surprise to find the herd slaughtered when he puts the wolves in charge .

It remains to be proven if the COMEX is and was manipulated as your post underlines . In any case small investors are definitely at a disadvantage both by the scale of the leverage big financial institutions have as well as the rules they help the government to draw .

I referred to what the infamous HUNT brothers did ( thank's for reminding me of their names ) some 20 years ago , and since then the world has shrunk no end and has become more opaque , meanwhile the markets have been flooded with money coming from criminal activities . So a culture of fraud and crookedness has invaded institutions as his obvious in so many cases brought before the public here as well as elsewhere . The Madoff case is just one more in a endless sery of such occurances . Once again allow me to reminesce about the Junk bonds affair ( sometime in in 1987 if my memory does'nt fail me ) and the indictment by US SEC of a trader whose name once again i forgot and who was fine $US 100 million and got some time in jail as well . There were a large number of people involved and very large sums of money as well , but the enquiry never got any further 'cause too many people and private as well as public institutions could have suffered from it jeopardising the confidence of the public in it's institutions . Every time such scandal are denounced rules and regulations are "adjusted" some poor scapegoat goes to the slam but the real crooks remain out there and get more sophosticated . As we talk the worst financial crisis known to modern society is happening and many many individuals as well as most famous institutions should be tried before a court of justice . It's my opinion that most of them as many of us said , will get away not only richer but also in charge of the herd after they sit at the table or nearby writing the new rules at the G20 . Millions of people will suffer and die of hunger over the next years consequently to this crisis and if the worst comes to the worst this might be the cornerstone of athe next great war in the making . COMEX manipulators and other form of vampires of finance and governments have to be denounced . Their greed leads humanity to it's doom , most leaders are blinded by their own greed and we follow them blindly , it's realy sad and dangerous for humanity. But in the current state of affair many crimes will be shoved aside and more then anything else ordinary folks must brace for a very grim future and refrain from believing the thieves we elect blindly. they're sweet talkers serving their masters . Maybe this one is worst then the privious letter i wrote too it's gone now From a small investor hard working ordinary citizen , mad at those who describe themselves arrogantly as leaders while they are no more then puppet on a string for ghost vampires afraid of the light.
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