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CardioComm Solutions, Inc. Management

Etienne Grima - MSc, CHE

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Grima has over 22 years of experience in basic and clinical research administration, business development and strengthening corporate performance. Recognized for a unique and multidisciplinary approach to overseeing operational performance and fiscal resources, Mr. Grima joined the Board of Directors of CardioComm in December of 2006. In January of 2008 he was requested to serve as the company's Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary during a period of organizational restructuring. In May of 2010 he accepted the position of Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Grima has also held the position of Chief Operating Officer and Financial Officer for the Canadian Heart Research Centre (CHRC) since its start in 1996 and a similar role in MD Primer Inc. since 2004.

In all his roles, Mr. Grima continues to oversee operational and financial performance, contract and budget negotiations, finance reporting and the evaluation of strategic partnerships and long term growth opportunities.

Prior to the CHRC, Etienne managed the St. Michael's Hospital (SMH) Health Sciences Research Centre in Toronto. Etienne guided SMH to become the fastest growing University of Toronto affiliated research center between 1994 and1997, acting as the signing officer on 350 externally funded clinical and basic research budgets, and overseeing the design, construction and maintenance of 27,000 square feet of clinical and basic research laboratories. During his tenure, Etienne developed a detailed understanding and methodology of the successful performance of clinical research within a hospital environment and became a member and Accredited Health Science Executive of the Canadian College of Health Service Executives.

Etienne's educational background was rooted in his persistent interest in biology and he completed his academic career with an emphasis on human physiology, toxicology and zoology graduating from University of Toronto with high distinction in 1984. Etienne completed his graduate studies in 1986 with a Masters degree from the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Physiology, Centre for Research in Neurodegenerative and served as a peer reviewer for research publications and grant applications.

Josée Bertrand

Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Bertrand is an accomplished, results-driven senior accounting and financial management executive. She brings more than 30 years of progressive experience in finance and operations management in relevant industry sectors. Ms. Bertrand received her Bachelor of Business Administration and Commercial Studies from the University of Western Ontario, and holds a CPA designation.

Branislav Vasilijevic - PhD

Director, Software Engineering

Dr. Vasilijevic has 20 years of experience designing and developing software solutions to address complex system requirements primarily in the field of Intra-Operative Neurophysiological Monitoring (IONM). Prior to joining CardioComm Solutions in August 2014, he held progressively senior positions at Natus Medical Incorporated (formerly Xltek Ltd.) where he demonstrated expertise in multiple programming languages (C++, C#, F#, JavaScript, MATLAB, Lisp, Python) and programming paradigms (imperative, object oriented, functional, data-driven, event-driven, metaprogramming). He also invented and developed a novel signal processing and noise reduction method that is unparalleled in the IONM field. During Dr. Vasilijevic’s leadership as Principal Engineer for IONM in 2013, Natus achieved record sales of IONM equipment and worldwide market penetration. He is highly respected in the industry for his unique talent and work ethic and has been commended as a “valuable and influential principal engineer within the Natus Neurology engineering team.”

Founder and Director of Safety Field Systems Inc., Dr. Vasilijevic developed a prototype non-contact apnea detection device. He also designed and implemented software for one of the first medical devices using Bluetooth connection and running on an Android tablet.

Dr. Vasilijevic received his Ph.D. in Mathematical Physics from the University of Toronto in 2001 with his thesis in the field of Non-Equilibrium Quantum Dynamical Systems. His research papers are published in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings. He also has extensive teaching experience in a wide variety of mathematics courses ranging from first year calculus to graduate abstract algebra. He graduated with distinction from the University of Wisconsin, Madison with a Bachelor of Science, Mathematics and Physics in 1995.

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