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Esports betting expected to reach $20 Billion by 2023 prior to SCOTUS decision, Company now expects this estimate to increase by several more billion dollars.

Message: Best Esports Betting Sites for 2017

The primary things that sets us apart are as follows:

1]  Traditional online sports books - Esports players simply do not like them for various reasons.  First, the interface and language of traditional online sports books are alien to Esports players.  Second, they are not pure Esports books, so they get snubbed by Esports players who view them as money grabbers.

GMBL's offering takes care of both of those.

2]  With respect to Esports betting sites - the industry has been rocked with scandals from Esports betting sites that are neither licensed, nor regulated, leading to big losses for players when they get shut down.

GMBL is not only fully licensed (Unikrn works off another site's license) but they are also a fully reporting public company that is regulated by the SEC and its criminal arrest powers.  As such, upon launch, it will be the most regulated, safest, transparent and secure Esports betting platform in the world.

The Company has already started marketing this message on its site ( and is already being recognized as such within the industry.

Thanks for the question and I trust this helps!!


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