underwriting and developing Intellectual Property Rights

IP Includes unpublished Elvis Presley and Tupac tracks

Everlert Inc Profile

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Everlert to merge with JH Media Group, created and developed by the late Jerry Heller

  • In collaboration with legendary music producer Denny Diante and the renowned Jennifer Harper
  • Enables Everlert to underwrite and develop the Intellectual Property Rights included in the merger
  • IP Includes unpublished Elvis Presley and Tupac tracks
  • Specifically focusing on obtaining past, present and ongoing revenues from its collaborations, investments and partnerships with Billy Ray Cyrus and Blue Cadillac Music, which created and released an album entitled “Thin Line” and also created and conveyed intellectual property rights to Billy Ray Cyrus’s CMT series entitled ‘Still The King.”

Everlert anticipates increased value based upon our merger with JH MEDIA Group and the ongoing efforts of its talented and accomplished CEO Jennifer Harper, who was recently appointed as the new President of Everlert along with the legendary Denny Diante, who was also appointed to the Board,” said Blankenship.

Joint Venture with Blue Cadillac Music, LLC.

  • Emerging record label and publishing company created by Country Music Icon Billy Ray Cyrus and award winning producer and label executive Brandon Friesen.
  • Blue Cadillac Music premiered its first single in 2012 by Cyrus called “That’s What Daddy’s Do” followed by Billy Ray’s highly acclaimed full length release “Change My Mind”.
  • Cyrus has numerous new projects in the works including the premiere of a new television series on CMT, “Still The King,” in which he shares writing and executive-production credits. Cyrus stars as the center role of “Burnin’” Vernon Brown, a one-hit wonder who becomes an Elvis impersonator after a wreck into an old country church outside of Nashville during a drunken bender, he is sentenced to return and perform community service.

JV with JH Media Group and Estate of Jerry Heller 

  • Everlert acquired a Joint-Venture interest in JH Media Group, which is a Limited Liability Company that was owned by the late Gerald “Jerry” Heller, Jennifer Harper and Denny Diante.
  • Jerry Heller was the famous long-time music producer and manager that helped launch the career of N.W.A and the gangsta-rap movement.
  • JH Media Group entity holds intellectual property rights with a potential value of up to $1 Billion, as well as of rights arising from the pending administration of the estate of Jerry Heller.
  • Company intends to actively work with Heller’s estate to develop some of its entertainment assets through its network and expertise in the industry and through the insight and expertise of Jennifer Harper.  Jennifer Harper has joined the Board of Directors of Everlert and is the new President of Everlert, Inc.

Everlert enters into Joint Venture Partnership with Baja Green Energy to establish Alternative Energy Facilities in Mexico and the World

  • Entered into a Joint Venture with Baja Green Energy S.A. de C.V., a corporation domiciled in Mexico to establish and operate Baja Green Energy Facilities in Mexico and in other regions around the world.
  • Baja Green Energy is a proprietary alternative source of energy that complies with the Clean Energy Reform Laws mandated by Mexico to be utilized by industry and consumers commencing in January 2018.
  • Joint Venture Agreement transfers to Everlert, Inc., forty percent (40%) of the assets and facilities and licensing rights of Baja Green Energy.



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