World Class Location with Significant Discovery Potential for Copper

Developing the Muskwa Copper Project in Northern British Columbia

Fabled Copper Corp Photo Gallery
Fabl neil property 8a location
Neil Property 8A Location
Fabled copper float sample 25.6  copper
8A Occurrence of 25.06% Copper
Lady luck 1407m vertical 20  coper float sample
Lady Luck 1407m Vertical 20% Coper Float Sample
Lady luck 26  copper sample
Lady Luck 26% Copper Sample
Lady luck magnified copper showing
Lady Luck Magnified Copper Showing
Neil property lady luck location
Neil Property Lady Luck Location
Fabled copper toro churchill sample with 27  copper
Toro Churchill Sample with 27% Copper
Fabled copper toro churchill deposit
Toro Churchill Deposit
Fabled copper toro churchill grab samples
Toro Churchill Deposit Grab Samples
Fabled copper davis keays deposit
Davis Keays Deposit
Fabled copper neil vein and breccia west side plan view
Neil Vein and Breccia West Side Plan View
Fabled copper muskwa copper project mineral occurrences
Muskwa Copper Project Mineral Occurrences
Fabled copper neil deposit breccia
Neil Deposit Breccia
Fabled copper muskwa project location
Muskwa Project Location