Leveling the playing field between online retail giants and brick & mortar businesses

$10 Million License Agreement signed with BevWorks Brands

Fobi AI Inc. Profile


Fobi fuses technology and expertise to close the loop between data and customers through digital transformation

Invest in the Future

IoT, artificial intelligence, and marketing automation unlock customer preferences quickly and easily. Sound familiar? From Netflix to Amazon companies are utilizing the power of data, and Fobi is delivering.


Key Customers & Partners



Success Stories

  • Event Ticketing & Venue Management: The Oscars

Fobi's end-to-end digital ticketing and venue management solution for the 94th and 95th Oscars and Governors Ball was a success, providing a seamless registration, check-in, and ticketing experience for attendees. By utilizing NFC technology, Fobi was able to create multi-location and bundled tickets, simplifying the ticketing process.


  • Access Management: Nasdaq


Fobi provides the Nasdaq stock exchange with an advanced access management system that prioritizes data security and privacy. The system is designed to distribute verified security credentials to Nasdaq employees, clients, and visitors, ensuring that only authorized personnel are granted access to Nasdaq meeting rooms, conferences, and office locations.


A Leader in Digital Transformation


Recent Key Developments


  • Qples by Fobi Drives New-Line Revenue with 350% Client Growth Through the ShopperBridge Media Platform: Continues to drive significant momentum with multiple new deals signed through the ShopperBridge reseller agreement
  • Fobi Signs Anual Wallet Pass & AltID License Agreement With ParcelPal Logistics
  • Fobi expands solution to Asia-Pacific (APAC) with official launch in Japan
  • Fobi AI has signed 5-year, 10 Million Artificial Intelligence Deal with a Canadian beverage manufacturing company: BevWorks Brands
  • Qples by Fobi Goes Live With New Affiliate Marketing Platform And Announces First Two Commercial ShopperBridge Deals:Signs on first 10 influencers, immediately expanding the Qples distribution and audience by over 10x
  • Joint Reseller Agreement with Leading Influencer Marketing Platform “XInfluence”: An industry-leading influencer & data platform servicing Tier 1 CPG (FMCG) Brands & Retailers including Unilever, Jamison Whiskey and Marks & Spencer.
  • Fobi Signed a 3-Year Exclusive Data License Agreement With Ideal POS Ltd: One of Canada’s Largest POS Providers, Covering Over 1000+ Locations Across Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. 
  • Fobi is Part of one of the First End-to-End Pilots Tracking Key Milestones for 8112 Universal Digital Coupons: This trial signals the impending start of a significant improvement in the user journey for redeeming coupons, in campaign attribution for CPG Brands and for Retailers to be compensated more quickly
  • Fobi Provided Checkpoint Digital Ticketing System to Support Big Wheel Charity Golf Classic Tournament and Adam Hadwin Charity Golf Tournament: Fobi’s Digital Ticketing and engagement solution to provide an improved attendee experience and help the tournament better engage with attendees to drive more proceeds for their charity

 Fobi’s Services

Fobi’s Assets

Fobi’s Proprietary Technology

Global Market Opportunity


Business and Revenue Model

  • SaaS Through B2B & Resale Channels

Fobi’s solutions are sold directly to end users as well as indirectly through our channel partners to their clients. 

  • White Label Technology Licenses

Fobi’s platforms and technologies are licensed to and white-labelled by other companies that integrate our solution into their services.

  • Strategic Vertical Participation


Partnering with domain experts to expand and/or tailor our technology stack to a given industry for accelerated industry specific penetration and growth.


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