Leveling the playing field between online retail giants and brick & mortar businesses

Fobi AI Inc. Profile

Fobi fuses technology and expertise to close the loop between data and customers through digital transformation

Invest in the Future

IoT, artificial intelligence, and marketing automation unlock customer preferences quickly and easily. Sound familiar? From Netflix to Amazon companies are utilizing the power of data, and Fobi is delivering.


Key Customers & Partners






A Leader in Digital Transformation


Growth Strategies

Business and Revenue Model

  • SaaS Through B2B & Resale Channels

Fobi’s solutions are sold directly to end users as well as indirectly through our channel partners to their clients. 

Revenue is generated by:

  • Upfront and onboarding fees
  • Monthly recurring device and SaaS fees
  • Monthly usage fees and overage fees
  • White Label Technology Licenses

Fobi’s platforms and technologies are licensed to and white-labelled by other companies that integrate our solution into their services.

  • Strategic Vertical Participation

 Partnering with domain experts to expand and/or tailor our technology stack to a given industry for accelerated industry specific penetration and growth.

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