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Message: Questions??

A couple of questions..


1. What's the jv status with Perpetuus?

2. Has any graphene been produced yet by perpetuus with graphite from the mine?

3. Has any Graphene been sold to date?

4. Why limit yourself to the tire industry, if you claim ur a leader in the industry why not grab all kinds of market share now?

5. What are you going to do to bring back shareholdees and their confidence?

6. Timelines? do they mean anything? even your website has projected timelineson it thats been missed?

7. Has the technology with TODAQ been used to date?

8. Shareholders need more updates not t-shirts

9. has all equipment sent to the mine installed, tested and currently in production? whats the current production rate now with the front end loader compared to previous methods?

10. Have all three reactors been installed and working?

11. Whats the tire company status?


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