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Medical Marijuana Inc Profile

Medical Marijuana, Inc.
333 Washington Blvd
Suite 362
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292


Phone: 239-963-1627

Fax: 954-252-2394

Email: [email protected]

Company Officers:

Bruce Perlowin, CEO
Charles Larson, President
Don Steinberg, Consultant

Medical Marijuana, Inc. has developed a financial management system that will ensure local, state and federal governments receive their tax revenues in a near-real-time environment. The system will provide an audit trail from cultivation to dispensary and patient, providing governments with the tools to monitor participants in the industry for compliance purposes. Medical Marijuana, Inc. also provides business systems for growers, distributors and dispensaries that enable operators to run their business efficiently and effectively with the added assurance of full compliance with local, state and federal regulatory and law enforcement authorities.
Medical Marijuana, Inc. is developing testing procedures for quality, potency and contamination in an effort to establish high-quality standards ensuring that patients are not recieiving the highest quality marijuana for their unique needs. Medical Marijuana, Inc. is also developing standards for producing "organic" marijuana to ensure that the chemicals used in the traditional agriculture industry are not used in the production of medicinal marijuana.
Medical Marijuana, Inc. will provide institutional level financial systems to local, state and federal governments, testing and certification services, education programs, consulting and turn-key solutions for all levels of government and the Medical Marijuana Industry.
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