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Message: How is POET used to integrate silicon photonics.

Yes, as you quoted SV from the 2018 AGM about this point he made "The vast majority of today's silicon photonic solutions do not integrate lasers at wafer scale. Relegated to a die scale assembly, the true merits and cost advantages of wafer scale integration are lost. POET’s waveguide integrated active indium phosphide components that are developed as part of its Optical Interposer platform solutions provide a light source that can be integrated into silicon photonics devices, enabling cost advantages of wafer scale integration."

What I bolded above has caught my attention. So in addition to OI engines, Poet has the opportunity to use its present technology to integrate into silicon photonics devices. That would support Moska's pointy here about a montrous 3rd or 4th wave for Poet in tapping into that market- here I opine to say that Poet could be a leader in integrating IOT devices for the vast consumer market in addition to other IT devices for global IT departments. Now, it is no accident that Poet has an Ottawa R&D presence to create various waveguides.



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