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Drill Program Encounters 2.45 g/t Pd+Pt+Au Over 28 m at the River Valley Platinum Group Metals PGM Project, Sudbury Mining District

  • A drill hole collared in main mineralized zone (Dana North) encountered 2.45 g/t Pd+Pt+Au over 28m, including 7.12 g/t over 3m and 4.06 g/t over 6m with a second zone of 3.30 g/t Pd+Pt+Au over 4m
  • Drilling continues to encounter PGM mineralization in the footwall of the River Valley PGM Deposit with assays of 1.56 g/t Pd+Pt+Au over 9m, 1.41 g/t over 8m, 1.12 g/t over 17 m and 1.64 m of 7m were obtained from drilling in the footwall
  • River Valley is the Largest Undeveloped Primary PGM resource in Canada, with 3.9Moz PdEq in Measured Plus Indicated including an additional 1.2Moz PdEq in Inferred.

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Message: Purevap Science Question for PYR (reposted)


Love this company.

My question today is about the leap from 4N to 6N purity in the process of making solar grade silicon.

Some of the more scientific-minded HPQ/PYR shareholders have mentioned that when the crystallization phase is performed, which is a standard process needed before wafers can be cut, 4N purity can increase to 6N purity.  In effect, if we are already hitting 4N then we are effectively able to produce 6N solar grade material (of course we need to prove this at pilot scale). 

This sounds exciting, but I haven't heard about this bump in purity due to crystallization/directional solidification from PYR management.  Can you comment on this aspect of the science?

Thank you!

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