Aiming to Deliver a Minimum of 1 Trillion Cubic Feet (Tcf) of Gas Via Exploration and Development

From Rockets to MRIs - A Multi-Use Gas in Short Supply

Message: VIDEO: Royal Helium's Huge Helium Deal Powers Rockets Going To Space

Royal Helium Is Going To Space!

Helium is a high tech gas, with many uses in multiple high tech applications: MRI Magnets, Fibre Optic Cables for High Speed Internet, Airbags, Hard Drives, Chips in our Electronics and Cleaning Rocket Fuel Tanks.

Demand from these and many more are causing supply issues making it a high-priced commodity with forcing upward pressure on prices. The list is varied and demand is inelastic. They don't function without Helium and the world is in short supply. This is where Royal Helium comes into play. They are one of the largest land holders searching for Helium and & recently made one of the biggest discoveries in Saskatchewan history.

Now they are aiming to produce what they have found and have set their sights on 2023, not with a plan, but with an actual contract with one of the 3 major 3 North American space launch outfits. Royal cannot comment on which one, but it’s looking as though its either Blueorigin, SpaceX or NASA.

WOW. What a moment for SmallCaps. This is just the beginning for Royal

Not only that, the processing facilities required to separate Helium are almost complete, putting Royal Helium on track to be producing by 2023, and that means shareholders can also look forward to revenue, potentially lots of it.

• Increasing near-term production assets & expected early cash flow:

• Two ready-to-produce helium wells to bring on production along with Royal's Climax wells

• Accelerated early production profile - 5 wells/2 processing facilities vs 3 wells/1 facility

Commercial production has never been closer and the economics are compelling once in production.

Check out these pre-acquisition cost and payback estimates:

• Each well has low costs CapEx & costs $1.5mm per and low Operating Expenses

• Quick Payback ~6 months generating 3 to 5 million per annum estimated

• Shallow Well Decline over 11 years – not a rapid loss of gas

Lastly, Royal Helium is Eight Capital Top Pick of 2022 “ We see Helium as a key play for 2022”… should be a catalyst rich year for RHC, including plans for first production……Which we see as a catalyst for a major re-rerating event.”

Sit back and enjoy this SmallCap discovery as Andrew Davidson, CEO & Chairman of Royal Helium discusses this momentous day for Royal helium and shareholders alike. Royal has fast tracked their production plans and simultaneously made them one of the biggest players in the history of Saskatchewan helium exploration. And now everyone is equally interested in who their partner is.

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