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From Rockets to MRIs - A Multi-Use Gas in Short Supply

Message: VIDEO - Big Bank Financing Clears Path For Helium In 2023 Space Launches

Helium has many important uses in modern society. It is used as a lifting gas in balloons and airships, as a pressurizing and purge gas in various industrial and medical applications, and as a protective gas in welding and other high-temperature industrial processes. It is also used in cryogenics to cool materials to very low temperatures, and in MRI scanners to provide a stable and safe working environment for the machine's powerful magnets.

The demand for helium has been increasing in recent years due to its many uses in modern technology and industry. However, helium is a finite resource and is primarily obtained as a byproduct of natural gas extraction. As a result, the supply of helium can be influenced by factors such as the production of natural gas and the efficiency of helium extraction and purification processes.

This is where Royal Helium comes into play.

The are aiming to become producers and have demonstrated the fundamental business requirements to 2 Canadian Major banks, providing them with the required capital to fund their mission to produce helium. They have the land, wells and helium resources to accomplish this. The anticipate construction to be complete soon and producing as early as Q1 2023.

Not only that, they have the sales agreements in place. They have committed a minimum 40% of the Steveville production capacity to their Space Launch partner, as well as a signed agreement with Guardyan Conservation Corp. for the development of a carbon credit strategy for the Steveville Helium Recovery Plant. Guardyan will also be entering Royal into the voluntary and compliant carbon markets with the development of a carbon credit portfolio through the low emission helium production at Steveville.

The importance of being able to produce and develop revenue cannot be overstated for a small market company such as Royal.. The company will grow and potentially increase profits, which can be beneficial for shareholders and stakeholders. Additionally, this financing demonstrates to investors and others that the company is financially stable and has a plan for the future. The fact that the credit facility is being provided by a senior Canadian lender suggests that the lender has confidence in the company's ability to repay the loan and generate revenue from its helium operations. This may also help to increase confidence in the company among other potential investors and partners.

Sit back and enjoy this SmallCap discovery as Andrew Davidson, CEO & Chairman of Royal Helium discusses one of the most important financial moments in Royal's early history as he discusses the impact the financing has on Royal Helium's production goals for 2023.


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