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Message: Power Conf in Baltimore
SEFE Highlights Attendance at ELECTRIC POWER Conference in Baltimore

SEFE, Inc. (OTCBB/OTCQB: SEFE), a sustainability company engaged in offering innovative, pioneering solutions for the world's energy needs, today announces its recent attendance at the ELECTRIC POWER Conference in Baltimore, Md. The conference, which took place May 15-17, covers the most important tactical issues in the power industry and is attended by industry professionals from around the world.

SEFE's presence at the conference was noted on signs and displays throughout the event, and executives from SEFE had the opportunity to meet with other energy industry representatives and discuss SEFE's mission and technology, including its proprietary system, Harmony III, which is an atmospheric power collection generation system designed to harness static electricity from earth's atmosphere and transform it into usable current. SEFE's attendance at the ELECTRIC POWER Conference has been one more step in the company's efforts to publicize this revolutionary technology and to form key relationships in the energy industry.

"We are working on developing contacts in the mining and utility space, as well as using the connections of our consultants and collaborations with universities," commented SEFE CEO Don Johnston. "SEFE's technology has the potential to change the world in terms of green, sustainable energy, so promoting Harmony III at events such as the ELECTRIC POWER Conference is meaningful and important as the company goes forward."

In addition to attending the ELECTRIC POWER Conference, SEFE has also recently launched Revmodo.com, its proprietary marketing site, which is designed to drive potential new business to SEFE through community outreach initiatives and educating the public about the pioneering innovations behind the world's expanding clean technology space. Through Revmodo, SEFE will be able to disseminate information about its innovations, including Harmony III.

For more information, visit www.revmodo.com

About Harmony III

Harmony III is a revolutionary, commercial-grade atmospheric power collection generation system designed to harness naturally occurring static electricity directly from the earth's atmosphere, transforming it into current usable by generators and the existing power grid. This groundbreaking system has the potential to curb fossil fuel dependency, while immediately contributing to carbon offset. Harmony III is positioned to potentially replace other forms of energy production in the future, including renewable energy sources like wind, solar and hydroelectric, that have significant cost and logistical drawbacks compared with a network of SEFE units.

About SEFE, Inc.

SEFE focuses on pushing the boundaries of what's possible, embracing innovation and employing the cutting-edge to solve problems, and offering sustainable solutions to a world hungry for invention, direction and leadership. SEFE is technology- and solutions-driven, focusing on developing inventions that provide a real-world impact and true profitability. So, success is measured by both a sustainable return on investment, as well as a project's sustainability from an environmental perspective.

For more information, visit www.SEFElectric.com

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