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A number of events have occurred over the last few weeks, as SEFE continues to develop and protect its revolutionary approach to energy generation, with the aim of introducing this new technology to an energy hungry marketplace.

SEFE's ability to pull electricity directly from the atmosphere continues to be optimized by the company's team of engineers. Such a conceptual leap requires rapid and comprehensive intellectual property protection, on an international basis, and SEFE continues to make associated filings. In addition, progress is being made to get the word out on this remarkable new technology, as the company develops important industrial, academic, and marketing contacts.

May 9, 2012
SEFE Enhances Intellectual Property Protection

SEFE filed for international protection on its intellectual property, covering Strain Reduction on a Balloon System in Extreme Weather Conditions, Atmospheric Energy Collection, and Collection of Atmospheric Ions. This enhances the company's already rich portfolio of patents, and is especially important considering the company's plans to pursue distribution relationships. It underlines the seriousness of SEFE's technology and its intended global application.

To read the full press release, visit the following:
SEFE Announces International IP Protection Efforts

May 16, 2012
SEFE Pursues Partnership With University of Colorado

SEFE, now based in Boulder, Colorado, is building a working relationship with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Colorado, and plans to work with the Colorado Center for Power Electronics and the Center for Environmental Technology. The goal is to accelerate the research and development associated with the company's Harmony III atmospheric energy system.

To read the full press release, visit the following:
SEFE Inc. Pursuing Relationship with the University of Colorado

May 23, 2012
SEFE Expands Its Industry and Public Presence

SEFE took an important step in developing new contacts within the electrical power industry with its attendance at the ELECTRIC POWER Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, attended by industry professionals from around the world. It provided a unique opportunity for the company to meet and form important relationships with key members of the industry.

In addition, SEFE is generating an important public presence through its recent launch of Revmodo.com, an impressive and proprietary marketing website. The company intends to use the website and associated community outreach initiatives to help drive public awareness and ultimately new business.

To read the full press release, visit the following:
SEFE Highlights Attendance at ELECTRIC POWER Conference in Baltimore

May 29, 2012
SEFE CEO, Don Johnston, Interviewed by MissionIR

Mr. Johnston provided a summary of SEFE, and the particular markets the company intends to target, as well as a good overview of the company's Harmony III system for extracting energy from the atmosphere. He also spoke of how SEFE may acquire other companies in the alternative energy industry, or develop joint ventures.

To read the full press release, visit the following:
MissionIR Features SEFE in Exclusive Interview Featuring CEO Don Johnston

June 05, 2012
Letter to Shareholders

Recently, SEFE's CEO, Don Johnston, issued a formal letter to shareholders, talking about the company's status and development from a remarkable concept to a growing business. The letter went over the many patent filings being undertaken to protect the company's existing technology, and the new technological developments that are being researched and engineered to advance the company's product. He also discussed the important move of the company's headquarters to Boulder, Colorado, and how the Boulder facility is an optimal setting for the perfecting of SEFE's radical Harmony III energy capture system.

To read the full press release, visit the following:
SEFE CEO Issues Letter to Shareholders

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