Developing the Albany Graphite Deposit

Hydrothermal Graphite Deposit with the Potential to Produce Natural, High-Purity Graphite


BREAKING: Enthusiast Gaming Targets Mobile Gaming Market with LOI to Acquire Steel Media, the Leading Global Mobile Gaming Media and Events Company

  • Will position Enthusiast as a leading publisher in the mobile gaming industry with significant growth of online and offline gaming community
  • Owner of over 20 mobile gaming websites and Pocket Gamer brand, the leading mobile gaming media website
  • Operates 25 live events in 11 countries, including the largest B2B mobile gaming event in North America and Europe

Hub On AGORACOM / Read Release

Message: AE

Pilgrim, are you aware of exactly how much Mr. Eveleigh paid for his Zenyatta shares? You state that, "It is a matter of public record that AE holds 4,591,429 shares along with 800,000 options.

Did Mr. Eveleigh purchase these shares on the open market? Or, did he award these shares to himself, and at what price? Cheers, Fluffy the Cat 

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