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Message: Liberty Star Appoints Brett Gross as Chief Executive Officer and Pete O’Heeron as Chairman of the Board of Directors

End of an era. But likely opening the way to one that is new and better. JB has succeeded spectacuarly in advancing geological knowledge in general- his recognition of cauldera structures and their importance, for example, where others have not- and his numerous discoveries or identifications, both for LBSR and others, including Big Chunk and Hay Mountain. He has likewise also pioneered, both to the benefit of resource exploration in general, and LBSR specifically, the use of new and powerful techniques, most especially ZTEM and geobiological- "veggie"- sampling. This has allowed LBSR not only to identify and hold but also describe and define targets that others have missed. 

But at the same time, none of these great opportunities have moved forward. They have been mired in false starts and stalled time and time again. To list just a few- there was the Middle East gambit, which included the Mining Education plan ( I forget the actual name). There was the Chinese connection, which included negotions and meetings in Toronto and the involvement of then President Lang. There was the Philipine Group investment- which appeared to be a sure thing- until it wasn't. And then there were the various forward looking plans- like the Leveler plan and the plan to generate funds from Oil production. JB has even recounted how his other ventures in the past- before LBSR - have fallen through- even in one of his most recent messages. None of this is uncommon in the mining and mineral exploration world. But, in contrast to his exemplary geological track record- his business track record has not been exactly stellar. 

So, while I am happy that JB's spirit, energy and acumen will still be part of the company- who could forget the "Whirlwind Tour"-, it is probably a good thing that the business side of things will be turned over to "businessmen". And while this frees JB up to continue his geological work- and there is still much to be done- it is hoped that this will allow others to move foreward with securing the desperately needed funding. In that regard, Hay Mountain appears "set". JB has not only explored the originial claims in detail- ready for drilling- he has also successfully secured those new adjacent claims, a long sought goal. In that sense- his work is done. Now, finally to the next stage. Hopefully with those whose business skills are the equal of JB's geological skills.

Finally- one small indication of progress already made in that direction is the very announcement itself. Note that it is signed by Tracy and very professionally written. As part of appropriate money saving efforts, staff spending had been cut, with staff working less than full time. That may be why recent messages have been authored by JB himself. To see Tracy putting out this important message, suggests a new, more professional effort- and optimistically- maybe indication of the availability or anticipation of new funds.

( And like mostly everyone else- I would consider an RS at this time an unmitigated disaster- a futile move that would very fleetingly and not even significantly raise the PPS, which would then inevitably fall back to its current level without important news and everyone then being left with a fraction of their previous shares. It should be discussed as little as possible.)

I'm not sure why this was put out after hours on a Friday- as one would do with bad news. Maybe it was just considered disruptive and was feared would create uncertainty. But, as was mentioned, the PPS can not go much lower. I consider it good news- a move that I hope JB supports and embraces- maybe even initiated by him- and, if so- should not only strengthen and raise the PPS but will, in short order, get that deal and funds secured. It should be Monday News! And maybe there will even be some.

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