World Class Location with Significant Discovery Potential for Copper

Developing the Muskwa Copper Project in Northern British Columbia

Message: VIDEO: Fabled Developing Copper Deposits Using Advanced Technology

Fabled Copper’s mandate is to explore and define high level and high-grade copper resources in on the Muskwa Property in Northern BC, which also happens to be a tier one exploration jurisdiction and has 3 separation areas that have all provided exciting results.

Why? The World Needs Copper. And if you believe in the macro picture, Fabled Copper is the company on path to proving up supply.

Global consumption is outstripping supply. “A new energy vehicle (EV) needs 80kg of Copper compared with 23kg in an internal combustion engine vehicle” Kitco

Demand for Copper is projected to rise by 5% yearly, outstripping supply which is projected to increase by 2.3% yearly and prices are at all-time highs of $4.75/lb & Goldman Sachs calling for $5.50 in 2023

Fabled have released a tremendous amount of exploration results from their 2021 exploration program and the copper values are fantastic, beginning with a sample of 14.30 % Copper over 4.60 meters at the Lady Luck showing with a total of 16 surface samples over a vertical distance of 444 meters. Of the 16 samples collected, 10 were greater than 1%, copper, 5 greater than 5% copper, 5 greater than 10% copper and 2 greater than 20% copper. But it doesn't stop there, recent press releases have identified 7.69% copper at Belcher Creek, Keays South occurrence demonstrated 28.30% copper, the 8A Occurrence showed 25.60%, and the Mac Occurrence showed 19.60%

These are fantastic numbers for a first year exploration program. The Muskwa property has a high grade mining history containing a minimum of 22 documented copper occurrences of which 3 are defined deposits with historical reserves and resources.

The documented copper occurrences are in 3 separate claim blocks (Neil, Toro, Bronson) and you can see why Fabled is intent on taking a aggressive approach to exploration and development. The project boasts high-grade copper and lots of it.

And if that doesn’t help identify the discovery opportunity, have a look at the combined experience amongst the management team, over 200 years' combined exploration experience; and with that comes knowledge, lots of it. They are using their experience with cutting edge technologies to exploit the significant exploration upside. The use of drones was prevalent throughout the 2021 exploration program and combined with the use of LIDAR and modern geophysics, the team plans on using the information gained to lead a very aggressive 2022 program that will include drilling.

At a time when Copper has broken out of a long price trend and gained over 100% since early 2020 and the demand for critical metals required meeting a growing demand for electric vehicles, the future for increased copper demand is obvious.

Sit back and enjoy this fantastic review of the initial exploration work conducted at Muskwa using advanced technologies to gain the greatest amount of insight leading into the 2022 exploration season.


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